Did You Know That Your Hair Talks About Your Health? Here’s How

Ayurveda emphasises a lot on the health of hair as it believes hair quality to be a reflection of health and inner functions of a person. Your hair's colour, texture, thickness and looks can speak volumes about your lifestyle and health conditions. Brittle and grey hair indicate protein loss, whereas hair with dandruff might mean chronic stress. Let us tell you how to read these different signs your hair gives:


  • Excessive hair loss

Excessive hair loss is caused by protein deficiency. Protein is one of the essential macronutrients which you need for optimal health. It is an important component of your body as it aids in building bones, blood, cartilage, muscles and skin. Your hair is made of protein as well, and protein malnutrition can lead to excessive hair loss. When your body is inadequate in protein, it reduces the production of non-essential protein meant for luscious hair and transports it to the body parts where it's needed more.

The other cause of excessive hair loss is drastic weight loss. Though weight reduction is much desired by many, sudden weight loss can disrupt the normal functioning of your body. Dramatic weight loss can lead to a sudden deficiency in your vitamins and minerals, which can be detrimental for your hair health. This can further result in excessive hair shedding.

A properly balanced diet combined with supplements recommended by your doctor will help you with your deficiencies. Spicy and pungent food should be avoided to balance your doshas. Regular oiling and application of ayurvedic products such as bhringraj, amla and shikakai will promote hair growth.

  • Hair breakage

Hair breakage can be infuriating and embarrassing but its more than just that. It is one of the symptoms of thyroid conditions which happen when your thyroid gland is producing too much or too little of a specific hormone. Due to such hormone disruption, hair becomes brittle and thin.

Hair breakage is also caused by medication, stress, hormonal imbalance. Additionally, it occurs because of excessive blow-drying, bleaching, perming and hair colouring. Proper attention to the diet and daily oiling of hair can eradicate such symptoms. Massaging your hair with amla oil and leaving it for an hour will help with this problem.

  • Hair greying

Stress which can be a result of a hectic lifestyle can often lead to greying of the hair. Unhealthy lifestyle and stress hormones alter the activity of pigment cells responsible for the production for Melanin, which causes hair to turn grey.It is crucial to resort to mindful practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and take great care of your health to reduce your stress levels. Preparing onion and lemon juice hair pack and applying it for 40 minutes before washing will prevent premature hair greying.

  • Dry, coarse hair

Anaemia, which is caused by lack of iron, is said to be one of the reasons for hair thinning and dry, brittle hair. The best way of treating this is by taking a balanced diet, taking iron supplements recommended by your doctor and avoiding hair products with strong chemicals. Applying the mixture of curry leaves and coconut leaves can also help repair damaged hair.

  • Hair dandruff

Dandruff is a result of poor metabolism, and poor diet and excessive smoking and drinking. Dandruff is worrisome because it's the most evident of all hair problems as the white flakes are visible on dark clothes. To combat dandruff, you need to be careful while choosing the shampoo and use natural products over chemical products. Combination of camphor and coconut oil helps in providing relief from dandruff.

The quality of your hair doesn’t just affect your looks but also provides crucial insights into your health. So, it’s imperative that you don’t ignore your hair. A good diet and a proper hair care routine are keys to shiny, healthy hair.

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