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Banyan Root Oil

A strength-boosting combination of banyan aerial root extract and six other effective ingredients to reduce hair fall, control dandruff, stimulate hair growth, and add shine.

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Banyan Root Shampoo

One shampoo, lots of goodness! This all-natural formulation deep cleanses your scalp, controls hair fall, and nourishes your roots without any side effects.

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Banyan Root Conditioner

A conditioner that’s everyone's dream- Powered by ingredients like banyan root and aloe vera for that silky soft hair without any buildup or weighing down.

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Mind zen oil

Turn a good head massage into better! Our Mind Zen Oil uses Ayurvedic ingredients that help relieve stress and make good night sleeps a regular affair.

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Amal Tablets

Gut cleanse- The all-natural way! These tablets are formulated to regulate bowel cycles and relieve constipation without any discomfort or developing dependency.


The Ayurvedic Alchemy of Sandook

In Ayurveda, the term “Agni” is used in the sense of digestion of food and metabolism. Jatharagni is the Agni present in the Jathara. Jatharagni is the digestive fire in the stomach and duodenum. Jatharagni is crucial as it controls the functioning of all 12 Agnis (digestive fires).

  • good healthy intestine

    Samagni (Normal)

    Digestive fire with a strong appetite, proper digestion, and no digestive issues.

  • constipation

    Vishamagni (Variable)

    Digestive fire disturbed by vata, leading to variable appetite and forgetfulness to eat.

  • yoga

    Tikshnagni (High)

    Digestive fire disturbed by pitta, resulting in a consistently high appetite and good immunity

  • intestine problem

    Mandagni (Low)

    Slow digestive power, causing those with Mandagni to eat very little and struggle to digest even small amounts of food.