Hair oil benefits: Here’s how a soothing massage can help you beat hair fall

Indians know the power of a good oil massage. We all have heard of the hair oil benefits and how the right oil works as a magical product for your Ayurvedic haircare routine. The blend of nourishing oils rich in minerals is applied to the roots of your scalp. You can use your fingers to massage your scalp gently, ensuring that the oil reaches the roots and hard-to-reach areas. 

Hot oil massage has become so popular that every Indian has had a Champi at least once. Most consider oiling as an essential part of their Ayurvedic haircare routine.

Ayurvedic haircare routine

Why Get a Hot Oil Massage? Hair Oil Benefits

If you have had a hot oil massage on your scalp, you know how soothing it is and how great it feels to have someone massage your head with nourishing oil. People avoid hair oil assuming that it will make their scalp look sticky and oily, but do you know oil massage can actually improve your scalp health and promote the growth of new tresses? It’s believed to control hair fall, given that you use the right oil and regularly.

Oil massage for the scalp is for everyone, irrespective of your hair type and length. Those with straight hair can oil their hair once a week. For those with curly hair, you should consider getting a scalp massage 2-3 times a week for the best results. That’s because the curls do not let the oil cover the length of your hair, leaving them dry. Let’s check out some hair oil benefits

  • Oil massage regulates blood flow on your scalp, distributing all essential nutrients throughout the head. This promotes hair growth and controls hair fall.
  • Hair oil builds a protective layer on your scalp, which protects your hair from sun damage.
  • Oiling your hair gives your scalp a perfect shine and nourishment. It gives you voluminous and shiny locks.
  • It reduces frizz, split ends, and hair breakage

These were just to name a few. Regular hot oil massage can do wonders for your scalp when done regularly and in the right way.

Ayurvedic haircare routine

How to Massage Your Hair with Hot Oil?

Ayurvedic hair care oils have been trusted in India for ages- Thanks to their medicinal properties and close to no side effects. To start your massage session, pick an oil of your choice and heat it in the microwave or on a stove. A lukewarm temperature is ideal for a scalp massage. Here’s how to use this Ayurvedic hair care formula.

  • Using a wide-toothed brush, detangle your hair to get rid of all knots.
  • Wrap yourself in a towel to prevent oil stains on your clothes.
  • Using your fingers, take a small portion of the oil and massage your head gently. Make sure you cover the roots, as that’s where the new hair grows.
  • Work your way from the top to the bottom until the oil is evenly distributed. Massage in a circular motion for 10-15 minutes.

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