6 Ways Ayurveda Can Improve Your Daily Life

Ayurveda has become a household term now. People are moving towards holistic healing and Ayurveda every day, but do you know why? It’s because the different techniques and herbs used in Ayurveda can not only cure many chronic problems but can also improve your daily life.

By bringing in a few herbs and habits into your daily routine, you can improve your life immensely. Let’s see how Ayurveda can help:

1. Helps you understand your individual needs

Ayurveda changes according to the type of person you are and can, therefore, be customized according to individual needs. It helps you realize that you are unique often one-size doesn’t fit all. Everyone has different needs and therefore they need tailor-made solutions to treat their problems.

2. Offers a nurturing approach to your health

Ayurveda believes that if your environment is healthy, then it’ll have a positive effect on your life as well. This requires you to make changes in your lifestyle so that you are able to balance your personal health and environment. Creating a balance between the two will lead to a better and healthier way of living.

3. Can improve the health of your hair

Often chemicals in most hair products do more harm than benefit. Using ayurvedic products and herbs ensures that you get the benefits without any chemical damage. Certain Ayurvedic herbs like Amla and Shikakai are highly beneficial for your hair. Amla can help stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair right from the roots. Shikakai is great for dryness as it soothes the scalp and fights against problems like dandruff. It also prevents aging of hair. Some Ayurvedic hair cleansers and hair oils even have Vatajata which help in strengthening your hair from the roots. Many hair care products have three of these herbs and a variety of others which work to prevent greying, boost growth, and even tame frizzy hair. They contain anti-oxidants and minerals which work to repair weakened hair and give it lustre. Some have a triple action process which helps to control hair fall, cleanse deeply, and strengthen your hair from the roots.

4. Improves the condition of your skin

Ayurvedic oil massages are beneficial to strengthen your bones as well as improve circulation in the skin. Your skin is also a living being and needs warmth and pampering which herbal oils can provide. The scent of these oils helps relax your mind while the massage increases the blood circulation of your skin and clears it of problems such as acne. Ayurvedic herbs can work from outside, by removing settled pollutants, as well as inside by cleansing your blood to remove any toxins which can cause skin problems. Some herbs you can try to use at home are turmeric, neem, and aloe vera which help keep your skin clear with their soothing effects and anti-bacterial characteristics.

5. Helps decrease stress

Certain herbs such as Brahmi help reduce stress as well. Brahmi is known to reduce cortisol which is the stress hormone. It helps by improving your concentration power and soothes your nervous system by revitalizing your brain cells.  It consistently supplies oxygen to your brain and increases the blood circulation and therefore calms your mind and leaves your body relaxed. There are some oils which have certain Ayurvedic herbs such Jatamansi which help to reduce stress and improve sleep. The best way to get rid of stress is by sleeping and giving your brain some rest. Some hair oils have has all these herbs and many more which calm your mind down so you can get a peaceful sleep and wake up fresh.

6. Helps with chronic illnesses

Chronic problems such as diabetes and paralysis can be relieved of their symptoms through normal medication, but Ayurveda can help treat the disease completely. Ayurveda treats the source instead of its symptoms thus preventing a relapse of the disease.
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