Ayurvedic Constipation Tablets and Tips for Gentle Relief

Constipation, known as Vibandha in Ayurveda, is a common digestive issue treated with constipation tablets formulated with trusted herbs and healthy food habits. Vibandha is often caused by irregular food habits and bowel routines. In Ayurvedic understanding, Vata dosha plays a significant role in constipation, manifesting as lower abdominal pain, dry stools, and discomfort during bowel movements. Addressing constipation through Ayurvedic remedies not only provides relief but also promotes overall gut health and well-being.


5 Ayurvedic Tips To Follow Alongside Constipation Tablets for Alleviating Chronic Constipation:


  • Incorporate Almonds into Your Diet:

  • For those struggling with chronic constipation, incorporating high-fibre foods with a warm potency is recommended. Almonds, recognised in Ayurveda for their therapeutic properties, serve as a nourishing tonic that supports various bodily tissues. Additionally, almonds are classified as 'Brimhana' and 'Balya,' promoting an increase in body mass and enhancing muscle strength, respectively. By strengthening body tissues, almonds can alleviate the debility and weakness associated with constipation, offering therapeutic relief.

  • Increase Intake of Organic Oils:

  • Including high-quality oils with daily intake of constipation relief medicine in your diet helps lubricate tissues, aiding in smoother bowel movements. Opt for oils such as sesame oil, ghee, or olive oil, which are particularly beneficial for balancing Vata dosha and promoting digestive health.

  • Embrace a Variety of Fruits:

  • Fruits are not only refreshing but also beneficial in soothing Vata dosha. Ripe bananas, peeled apples, plump prunes, and juicy peaches are excellent choices to alleviate constipation. To maximise their effectiveness, consume fruits at least an hour before or after meals and ensure thorough chewing for better digestion.

  • Harness the Power of Spices:

  • Spices play a crucial role in managing chronic constipation, with certain varieties aiding in balancing Vata dosha and facilitating smoother bowel movements. Asafetida and garlic are renowned for their Vata-balancing properties, promoting the downward movement of gut contents and resolving constipation. Additionally, common salt increases water content in the gut, alleviating dryness associated with constipation.

  • Explore Herbal Remedies:

  • Ayurveda offers a range of herbs renowned for their effectiveness in treating chronic constipation, that are also included in constipation relief medicine. Triphala, a combination of Amalaki, Haritaki, and Vibhitaki, balances all three doshas and exhibits mild laxative qualities, aiding in constipation relief

    Sandook Ayurvedic Medicine


    Amal Tablets by Sandook offer a natural and effective solution for digestive issues like constipation. Formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients such as Amaltas, Kapila, and Yashtimadhu, these tablets gently cleanse the gut without causing discomfort or dependency. India's first senna-free laxative tablets, Amal Tablets are designed to regulate bowel cycles and promote digestive wellness. Experience the gentle yet effective relief with Sandook's Amal Tablets and embrace a healthier gut today.

    Incorporating these Ayurvedic remedies with constipation tablets into your routine can provide gentle relief from chronic constipation while promoting overall digestive wellness. By addressing the root cause with natural solutions, you can enjoy improved gut health and well-being.

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