How Do Amal Tablets Relieve Constipation?

To relieve constipation in your body system immediately, certain Ayurvedic medications can help. To begin with, constipation is a common problem that many millions of people face every day. In fact, 2.5 million people visit a healthcare provider for constipation-related complications. The catch about constipation is that it is a subjective phenomenon, but typically, experiencing less than three bowel movements can be deemed constipation. 

However, some people have bowel movements several times a day, whereas others have them only once or twice weekly. The crux is any kind of bowel movement pattern that deviates from your generic frequencies can be the source of some problems. Nowadays, you can find various Ayurvedic medicines for constipation. But, before getting into the nitty-gritty of age-old ancient remedies to deal with the problem, let us understand constipation through a more scientific lens.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Symptoms and Causes of Constipation

The most atypical symptoms of constipation include -

  • Dry and hard stool
  • Painful bowel movements wherein it is difficult to pass stool
  • A feeling that you have not fully emptied your bowels

The most common causes of constipation include -

  • Eating foods low in fiber
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Dehydration
  • Changes in your regular schedule, such as sleeping or eating at different times
  • Stress
  • Consuming large quantities of milk or cheese
  • Resisting the urge to have a bowel movement

To relieve constipation from the body, is there an all-natural way out? Well, yes, there is!

How Do Amal Tablets Relieve Constipation: Top Benefits

Made with a cocktail of age-old Ayurvedic ingredients, such as Yashtimadhu, Kapila, and Amaltas, Amal Tablets are the sure-shot way to heal your gut and keep constipation at bay. Some of the tangible benefits of Amal tablets to relieve constipation are -

  • Composed of highly effective yet gentle ingredients, the Amal tablets are designed for foolproof cleanse of your gut.
  • The tablets do not cause any discomfort to the gut and gently cleanses it to provide instant relief from constipation. 
  • Amal Tablets are devoid of any harmful senna, which might detrimentally affect your intestines and weaken them in the long run.
  • Amal tablets are among the best Ayurvedic medicines for constipation as they help regulate the bowel cycle and ensure a clean, fresh, and light gut cleanse experience.
  • One of the best parts about Amal tablets is that they are not habit forming. So, consuming them will not lead to any kind of codependency.
  • The tablets are 100 percent Ayurvedic and free from side effects


Best Amal Tablets by the Sandook Sutras

For best-quality Ayurvedic medicines that relieve constipation from your body, look no further than Sandook Sutras. We aim to provide all-natural products backed by Ayurveda. At Sandook Sandook Sutras, our aim is to demystify Ayurvedic medicine and produce Ayurveda-based products that are credible and result-oriented. Our products have zero side-effects and are meticulously designed to alleviate the detrimental effects of the fast-paced and chaotic lifestyles that people experience these days. So, for research-based Ayurvedic products that yield tangible results, Sandook Sutras is here to save the day!
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