Ayurveda For Hair Growth? 8 Popular Myths Busted!

While to many people, Ayurveda is an answer to most health complications, many still have some reservations about the use of this type of treatment. Most common concerns are in the area of hair growth since people are super concerned about their looks.

These myths are normally passed down from one person to the other. People do these things without even questioning what they are told to know if they are true or just myths. Over time, one gets to finally accept these lies as facts and then go on to pass them down to others. Finally, the individual who would have received help by the use of these herbs suffers on due to things that could have been proved wrong.


So what are these myths about the use of Ayurveda for hair growth?


1. Ayurveda is only for elders

Many people have this wrong notion that herbs are only for elders and not for young people. People have this erroneous belief that young people are in a different era and hence must only use chemically produced materials for hair treatment. This is totally untrue. It has no proof. Anyone can use and have the best from herbs. Ayurveda is a natural treatment without side reactions like other synthetic products. Anyone from infants can benefit from Ayurveda.


2. Ayurveda increases dandruff in the hair

Against popular beliefs that Ayurveda hair growth treatment increases dandruff in the hair, Ayurveda treatment fights off dandruff. Common oils like coconut oil are actually not able to fight dandruff. They only moisturize the scalp and provide great breeding grounds for dandruff.


3. Ayurveda only speeds up hair growth.

It is totally false that Ayurveda only speeds up hair growth without making the hair better. In contrast, it frees up the hair of congestions, rejuvenates the hair scalp, reduces balding by strengthening hair roots and makes way for new hair roots. The Ayurveda herbs like Ficus Benghalensis and Zingiber Officinale, are powerful sources of antioxidants for hair loss treatment, split ends and dandruff treatment, and stimulation of hair growth.


4. Ayurveda only functions at the scalp.

The truth is that herbs function all over the body and not just at the scalp. When applied to the hair, they pass through the hair pores and diffuse into the bloodstream. Through this means, they find their way to other parts of the body where they in-turn, promote hair growth. Ayurveda herbs like Baheda and Hibiscus Rosasinensis, prevent greying of the hair, boost hair growth and impact black color to the hair. So Ayurveda doesn't only function at the scalp.


5. Results are slow

Results are not slow. What you need to understand is that some ailments will require a lot of steps such as from destroying pathogens to actually bringing total to relieve to the body. This is also applicable to Ayurveda. One can get relief from a headache in just a couple of hours but diseases like typhoid and malaria will take a couple of days to be utterly destroyed by the body. This is applicable to Ayurveda. Results can be immediate or over a period of time. The immunity of the individual also determines how long it can take medicine to work in that person, so it varies from person to person. The main aim of Ayurveda treatment is to bring a total cure to the body. And this, it has been doing for hundreds of years and will always do.


6. No science behind Ayurveda

Ayurveda is not a by-chance medicine. The truth is that most people who say such see Ayurveda as a competition. They use this tactic to discourage people from patronizing herbs. If this were true, then massive results gotten all over the world in using Ayurveda for hair growth would not have been possible. It is a proven technique. Ayurveda itself means "science of life." You must recognize the fact that not everyone can practice Ayurveda medicine. You must take the time to learn it. It requires serious study to understand its basics and methodology of preparation.


7. Ayurveda increases body heat

This is another popular myth that scares some people away. Ayurveda, when applied to the hair, does not in any way increase the body temperature. What increases body heat is unbalanced pitta which happens when the body undergoes metabolism after eating. So rather than increase body heat, Ayurveda medications made from things like cumin seeds actually improve metabolism and help reduce body heat.


8. Hair loss is not reversible

You cannot entirely rule out chances of hair fall being reversed and stopped when treated with Ayurveda. Restoring and reversing hair loss depends on the genetic make-up of the person. Once the hair follicle at the scalp still has some life in it, treatment with Ayurveda can restore that hair and promote healthy hair growth. The herb Nagarmotha is rich in vitamins which helps moisturize the hair follicles, protecting them and increasing blood circulation around the hair roots. This is very important in promoting hair growth and putting an end to hair loss. So when next you hear lies about Ayurveda, remember it's either the person carrying the propaganda is ill-informed or is simply doing so out of jealousy or unhealthy competition. Ayurveda has been used for hundreds of years in treating the hair and other parts of the body, and its results speak for itself. So If you desire healthy and full hair, Ayurveda is surely what you need.
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