Anti-Ageing Ayurvedic Guide

Wrinkled skin, grey hair, macular degeneration and physical deterioration are specific inevitable symptoms of ageing. These changes cannot be avoided; but with Ayurvedic herbs, their adversity can be reduced and delayed. Ayurvedic remedies for different ailments depends on a person’s three doshas – Vata dosha, Kapha dosha and Pitta dosha. Maintaining a balance among the three can enable a person to be youthful and healthy.

According to nature, when people age, their body cells degenerate. Ayurvedic herbs with anti-ageing properties work by regenerating these cells. Antioxidant herbs are essential for preventing the spread of cell-damaging free radicals. Here is a list of Ayurvedic herbs that you should add to your diet to slow down ageing:


Guduchi is effective in reviving skin tissue, and its anti-inflammatory properties resolve inflamed skin conditions. It also fosters mental precision and boosts the immune system.


Derived from the Mukul Myrrh tree, Guggulu is a powerful herb that can combat diseases. It also inhibits the growth of free radicals.


Brahmi or Bacopa is a memory-enhancing herb, and it acts as a magic potion for people suffering from age-related memory issues.  According to Ayurvedic studies, Brahmi has a refreshing and stimulating effect on the brain.


Amalaki, also known as Amla, is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the body against various diseases. It is effective in fighting macular degeneration caused by ageing and cataract problems.


Turmeric, a common ingredient in Indian kitchens, possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can safeguard you from diseases as you age.


Ginseng is enriched with phytochemicals that can stimulate and activate skin metabolism. It also helps in getting rid of free radicals that get accumulated due to exposure to sun and pollution.


Gotu-kola, rich in flavonoids, is a popular herb that delays the effects of ageing with its antioxidant activity. Apart from adding it to your diet, you can also massage it on your face and body to stimulate blood circulation.


A crucial Ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha stimulates rapid regeneration and rejuvenation of body cells. This, in turn, reduces the undesirable effects of ageing.

While these Ayurvedic ingredients can help slow down ageing and give you healthy skin and hair, you must use them correctly for the best results. Below are some easy-to-make home remedies.

Skin firming face mask:

To prevent your skin from getting wrinkled and loose, prepare a face mask by mixing almond powder, raw honey and fresh cherry pulp. Apply the mixture and leave it for 10 minutes before washing it.

How it boosts your skin: Almonds enhance collagen and boost cellular turnover, honey retains moisture and cherries provide vitamins and antioxidants for a glowing complexion.

Hair strengthening mixture:

As we grow older, our hair turns weak, brittle, dull, and grey. An Ayurvedic remedy to cure the root cause of this problem is bhringraj herb. Bhringraj accelerates hair growth and prevents premature greying.

How it helps the hair: Mix bhringraj powder with water and make a thick paste. Apply it on your scalp, leave for 20 minutes and rinse it off. Or you can also use hair oil or shampoo that is infused with bhringraj.

These Ayurvedic anti-ageing home remedies are natural and have no side effects. More importantly, they can work wonders when used regularly.

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